Monday, 28 January 2013


When I think of Clarks, I don't think of fashion. I envision screaming children in foot measuring devices that resemble office guillotines. I see cream walls, 80s carpet, ceiling tiles and unforgiving strip bulb lighting. Tired mothers and OAPs investing in orthopedic shoes. Clarks was a place fashion had abandoned. Even a fake Chanel handbag would quiver when taken onto the premises.

Don't get me wrong, Clarks has a lot going for it. It's a household name, it's reliable and the brand is synonymous with good quality shoes. It's just not a shop I would personally visit. Someone at Clarks is clearly hoping to change that, and what better way to eliminate the fusty elements of the brand than with a collaboration with hit print makers Eley Kishimoto. The above monochrome flash print may seem familiar as it has been instrumental to Eley Kishimoto's success. From Eastpak backpacks to Ipad cases touted by Susie Bubble, the print is no stranger to style blogs. Within the collaboration the print is available in Clarks' signature desert boot, a mid heel and a 90s wedge. All of the shoes in the collection are between £70 - £90 which is a steal if you love the print as a pair of Flash high-tops from Eley Kishimoto's webstore will set you back £168. There are also two different colour combinations of a geometric print in the collection which work particularly well in the wedge style. I love the shoes in this collaboration but I wish they'd done more with it. A few shoes for men wouldn't have been a bad idea, the Flash print is unisex and would look fantastic on a boot or embossed on a leather shoe. I also think another women's shoe with a larger heel would have caught the attention of the fashion crowd. Although flash is monochrome, it is a statement print, and I don't know many girls that make a statement with a kitten heel. 

Putting my moodiness aside at not being able to buy any of these shoes, the collaboration is a hit. It also whets the appetite for future collaborations. Could we be seeing Tabitha Simmons x Clarks? What about Liberty x Clarks? Dare I say... Ferragamo x Clarks? We can dream.

The collection is due to go on sale in March. To see it in it's entirety click here.

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Misfits Vintage said...

Ooh the top left ones are FABULARSE!!! Sarah xxx